"If you've heard the call of the East, you never won't hear anything else."

(Rudyard Kipling)


 Travelling to Burma even today is to visit a country that seems petrified in time. A beautiful country which is suffering the consequences of a military regime that for decades kept in isolation its population. Burma or Myanmar finally seems to be moving, slowly and out of step to a civil rule.

 Despite all, the Burmese have kept a society and a unique culture, in which the influence of Theravada Buddhism is manifested in their strong sense of hospitality. It is in the character, humility and kindness of the people where you can contemplate the essence of Southeast Asia still intact. Maybe because of that it is said that Burma is the “Buddhism spiritual reserve”.

 Over 2000 temples in the Bagan plain are waiting for you, paddy rice splashed with pagodas, sacred places like the Golden Rock or Shwedagon Phaya, lush landscapes and diversity of ethnic groups at Inle Lake or the Mandalay Hills, and a spirituality that permeates every act of daily life.

Inle lake
Yangon - Bago

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