Madhya Pradesh: Orchha and Khajuraho

“The value of a civilization is measured not by what it knows create but for what they are able to preserve”

(Edouard Herriot)


 The Betwa River, passing through the town of Orchha runs through a landscape strewn of ancient palaces, temples and royal cenotaphs. Here are some of the most impressive palaces of the Rajas of the Bundela dynasty, which although in ruins haven´t lost even an iota of its charm and majesty. In the same riverbank rise the impressive fourteenth Royal Tombs of the rajas who ruled this part of the state of Madhya Pradesh.


 Our next stop is Khajuraho. This small town was the capital of the Chandella dynasty and houses the largest collection of Hindu and Jain temples in the country, a World Heritage Site since 1986 and left standing 22 of the 80 original. These temples dedicated to Shiva, Parvati, Kali and Vishnu gods among others have the peculiarity of being decorated on the outside by countless figures representing animals, dance scenes of the court, but especially of erotic scenes, perhaps with the educational intention of teaching Kamasutra.

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