From Atlas to the valley of the Kasbah

“It's in the narrowest part of the gorge where the valley begins”

(Persian proverb)


 We crossed the Atlas Mountains to the valleys of the kasbah, accompanied by the hospitality of the Berber people. From Imilchil in the High Atlas, at 2,300 meters altitude and inhabited by pastoralists, walk the "plateau des lacs" with Iseli and Tislit lakes, snow covered large part of the year, till dropping by the Dades Gorge to Ouarzazate. Discovered the rock formations of the Dades Valley, known as "monkey fingers” and the architectural richness of its traditional buildings, the Ksar and the Kasbah mimicked and well integrated with the surroundings, like Ait-BenHaddou. An unforgettable journey that allows us to know the life of the Berber people and their customs.

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