Fez, spiritual capital of Morocco

“Books, paths and days give man wisdom”

(Arabian proverb)


 The city of Fez has been for centuries and still is the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco, treasuring a rich heritage that is kept alive around its fascinating medieval city. It is said that Fez inherited the best of the different peoples who inhabited it: the Arab nobility, the Andalusian refinement, the Jewish ingenuity and the Berber tenacity. Nowadays Fez is also an important trade and craft center of the country, and a proud guardian of the Spanish-Moorish heritage. The traces of its glorious past with the preservation of a rich intangible heritage make visiting a fascinating experience.

  His labyrinthine, motley and fascinating medina Fez el-Bali, is one of the largest medieval cities in the world that remains almost intact and is the largest medina in the Muslim world. A world and a way of life that disappeared centuries ago but in Fez can be experienced because behind its walls treasures like no other the essence and atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the Orient, a fact that earned him the recognition of World Heritage in 1981. Crossing any of its doors as Bab Boujloud to lose yourself for its alleys where you can still see the traditional work of the tanneries or boilermakers, or visit its madrasas like Bou Inania or mosques like Moulay Idriss, is to ride in the past (watch video).

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