Markets of Istanbul

“A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light”

(Scotish proverb)


 The city of Istanbul hides beneath the grandeur of its size and countless mosques and monuments, one of its biggest attractions: the markets and bazaars. Both European and Asian area, stroll through its streets discovering shops and markets is an activity that should not be missed if you really want to know the city. One of the most emblematic places is undoubtedly Istanbul Grand Bazaar (Kapaliçarsi), located next to the Nürüosmaniye mosque. It is one of the largest in the world with more than 58 streets and 4,000 shops where, after bargaining, you can buy everything: jewelry, food, clothing, lamps and rugs.

 Going towards Beyazit we will be entering the Sahaflar Çarşısı or Ancient book Market where we can get from books and Ottoman manuscripts to hand painted sheeting with gold leaf ornaments.

 Descending towards the Golden Horn, we cross the Market Tahtakale which is extends for countless streets and right in between the mosques of Rüstem Pasha and Yeni Camii we will find another market highly visited: the Spice Market (Misir Çarsisi) or Egyptian Market. Here opens up in front of our eyes a world of color, flavors and scents hard to forget.

 If we cross the Galata Bridge we will reach the Karaköy Fish Market, a row of stalls selling fresh fish in the same dock, and that anyone can taste in restaurants and bars stationed along the shore.

 From there we cross the Bosporus on ferry heading for the Asian region. Kadiköy Market with its shops and stalls basically dedicated to food, extends through the streets wearing a colorful and noteworthy variety.

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