Edinburgh, history and culture

"Strength does not come from physical ability but from an indomitable will"

(Mahatma Gandhi)


 Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A place full of charm, full of beautiful stone buildings, castles, palaces, viewpoints and numerous gardens throughout, where locals and visitors stroll and relax among its lush greenery. Narrow cobbled alleys, cemeteriesand dark corners that were the scene of the most terrible stories arise at every turn.

 It also has an infinity of interesting museums with free admission where you can learn about its long and tortuous history, about the evolution of medicine or science. We must not forget that Edinburgh had one of the first universities in Europe, which today is still one of the most recognized worldwide.

 Its long history and tradition have not prevented this city from being a modern and advanced city, where you can breathe a young atmosphere, a lover of culture and music, which also organizes the most important music festival in the world every summer.

 Despite having a fairly rainy climate, the city shines in its splendor between clouds and clearings, astonishing the foreigner at every step he takes. But what ends up making Edinburgh such a special city is undoubtedly the character of its inhabitants, incredibly nice people who, with a smile, are always willing to help the visitor.

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